Key to Learning

early years curriculum

A unique, developmental cognitive curriculum proven to bring unrivalled quantum leaps in children’s ‘learning abilities’, resulting in exceptional academic, social and personal success.

“I have seen preschools all over the world. There are some excellent examples, particularly in New Zealand, USA and Northern Italy, but this (curriculum) is outstanding. I do not believe I have seen a better one the world over.”

Sir Christopher Ball

Ex-Chancellor of the University of Derby, UK, and co-author of the Start Right Report ‘The Importance of Early Learning’

“What sets Key to Learning apart from any other preschool program I have ever seen is the depth of conceptual planning. It literally sparkles with superb, original, educational ideas. The emphasis is on the development of children’s abilities to think in symbolic terms – leading to higher order thinking skills in later life.”

Colin Rose

Accelerated Learning Systems, UK

“One of my research officers visited one of your private nurseries and was just bowled over by the work the children were doing. She thinks your programme is brilliant! And so do I.”

Professor Kathy Sylva OBE

Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Educational Psychology, Oxford University, UK

“In my 20 years of research in education, I have never seen a program that develops language and communication as effectively as Key to Learning does. For two years, I evaluated the effect of the Key to Learning curriculum on a group of young learners. The impact of this program was greatest on the child’s vocabulary, creative language and focused attention. This was confirmed by experimental data. Key to Learning crosses cultural boundaries and it clearly has a marked impact on the child’s cognitive development.”

Dr Madeleine Portwood

Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist, Durham Local Education Authority, UK

“Key to Learning is phenomenally impressive. It has depth and breadth, rigour and flexibility, insight and inclusion. It truly is a Vygotskian approach, carrying through to the 21st Century his monumental discovery that human learning and development are a unified whole. Unlike any other curriculum I am aware of, ‘Key to Learning’ relates to young children as, in Vygotsky’s words, ‘a head taller than they are’ – which is an essential characteristic of a developmental learning environment.”

Lois Holzman

Author of “Lev Vygotsky: Revolutionary Scientist”, USA


distinguished developmental psychologists and educationalists involved in the creation of the program


years of research (theory and practice) into early childhood learning and development on which the program is based


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So what is Key to Learning®?



The unique ‘Key to Learning’ curriculum focuses on developing children’s learning abilities. Years of research has proven that the secret to the development of exceptional abilities lies in specifically ‘teaching’ a range of ‘learning abilities’ to children before the age of 6.


This curriculum is the result of 46 years of research and practice into giftedness and higher learning capabilities by 12 renowned developmental psychologists and educationalists from the ‘Vygotsky school’. The optimal learning experiences are ‘hidden’ inside highly-engaging play, story and game-based activities that captivate children’s hearts and minds.


The activities in the curriculum specifically develop the trio of ‘learning abilities’ essential for true academic, social and personal success – namely cognitive, communicative and self-regulative abilities. These three abilities are the key to all learning now and in the future. As part of this, the curriculum promotes the use of cultural tools (the how of learning), rather than just teaching educational content (the what). It creates the right conditions for minds to open, for learning to become a pleasure and for creativity to flourish.


The Key to Learning curriculum also meets most if not all of the national standards that schools, Early Years providers and childcare providers must meet. 


Its beauty is that it requires only a short period of intervention each day leaving time to address the other important activities which are necessary for a child’s development.


It is a simple, effective and proven way to develop children’s learning abilities. It is easy for the teacher to use and provides the key tools to teach young children how to learn. There is no other curriculum like it in the world.






The key

Key to Learning creates exceptional ‘general learning abilities’ – cognitive, communicative and self-regulative abilities.

Children develop the mental capacities to learn anything with ease and therefore be fully prepared for the rigours of education and life in general, in the years to come.


The program is proven to develop children’s exceptional learning abilities, many of whom are later formally recognised as gifted and/or highly talented.

 Since the initial research from which the curriculum was created, many other independent research projects have also proven the effectiveness of this approach. 

Playful learning

Sessions are delightful, fun, hands-on, play- and story-based, 100% developmentally appropriate and don’t feel like traditional ‘lessons’ at all.

Children develop a profound and long-lasting love of learning and thrive from such rich language experiences. Everything is done in a way that the children don’t realise that ‘learning’ is going on. 


Just 20 minutes

The curriculum is comprised of short, focused activities to complement, extend and enrich existing good practice, that only take 15-20 minutes each.

Because more doesn’t mean better and with the focus that the program provides, this really is all you need to get these exceptional results for the children in your centre.

Shared learning

In the sessions, the children play, create and explore together, with short bursts of adult input.

A responsive, warm and caring adult is an essential part of the learning process and critical in helping children deepen and enrich their child’s eye view of the world. 



Full and detailed notes are provided for every session, showing the aims, resources, procedure and learning outcomes. 

Teachers feel confident in knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, what to use, what to expect and why they’re doing it.